Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Kiss My Ass!

Merry Christmas to one and all! I don't know about you but I gained a solid 10 pounds over Christmas (fuck), hence the title. I love Christmas, really I do, I just love Christmas a little too much if you catch my drift. Shortbread...mmmm, turkey...mmmm, gravy....mmmm, buttertarts....mmmm, eggnog....mmmm. You get the picture. Not to mention the fact that I probably drank some beer or wine every day between Dec 19 and now. Yikes. Me pants are a wee tight. I busted a zipper out of one pair or jeans. It flew about mach 1 - damned good thing there wasn't a cat in the way, is all I'm saying. Must have been a faulty zipper - what? a girl can dream, can't she? I got a pretty kick ass present for Christmas too. A 32" Sony plasma for the bedroom. Not entirely sure if it wasn't a "shelfish" gift on Mike's part, but what the hell. I wasn't expecting anything at all, so it is all gravy. MMMM Gravy. Where was I? Oh yes. I also got Mike a "selfish" gift as well. Mike is now the proud owner of a brand new electric razor. He was getting a tad lazy in the old shaving department (alas the honeymoon phase has worn off). The kids were totally spoiled too. Mom and Dad come up from Kelowna and instead of shoveling snow, they froze their asses off. Our furnace doesn't quite keep up during -30 weather, so needless to say we sat around downstairs (the warmest room in the house) under blankets with sweaters and slippers on. Brrr. We are headed up to the ski hill on the 1st for a couple of nights. I damned well better still fit in my ski pants or I'm going to be in big trouble. Merry Kiss My Ass, indeed!

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