Saturday, April 12, 2008


We were invited over to friend's house last night for a golf tournament. You must be thinking that they have a really big yard. While they do have a fair size lot, it is no where near big enough to golf in. Actually, it was a Wii Golf tournament. Too much fun!

We ended up drawing teams of two and playing best ball and only playing 3 holes each round. Great way to start the golf season. My team didn't win. Actually we didn't even come close to winning, but we drank alot of beer, so that definitely must count for something.

We have had a Wii since last summer and the only thing I have played on it is Guitar Hero (I haven't made it off the easy mode, but I still feel like a rockstar when I play it) and Big Mama's Cookoff (I can crack eggs like nobody's business). I guess it is time to expand my Wii world. Maybe I'll even try bowling or boxing.

Ohh, I hear the kids playing Guitar Hero. Time to kick them off and become the rockstar I was always meant to be!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Give You Permission to Kick My Arse

If I was able to, I'd even kick my own ass. Fortunately for me I'm to fat to kick my own ass, because in my world there is usually cause for alot of ass kicking. Me arse would constantly be black and blue. But that's enough ass talk for now. What I'm trying to so eloquently say is that I'm sorry for not being a very good blogger. The funny up and left me and I seriously didn't think you would want to come here just to hear me bitch and moan.

I'm hoping my sense of humour is returning. I feel happier anyway. Thank God for Spring is all I'm saying. You don't really realize you have the winter blues until they go away. Actually, I wouldn't even call them the blues they were more of the Hum Drums. Some might even call them the "I don't give two shits" or the "meh, whatever's".

So phew, that's a load off my chest. My deep dark secret is finally out. It's not all peaches and cream 24-7 in my world. Not that there is specifically anything wrong with it, but I can't say I blow sunshine out of my arse all of the time either. I guess that is how most people are. At least that is what I'm hoping anyways.

So yes, there have been some awesome good times these past few months. I just couldn't get the right words to describe them without them sounding so boring, and well, hum drum.

I do have to tell you about our spring break though. Mike had a guide convention in Victoria, but I couldn't get the whole week off work so I could only join him from the Thursday to the Sunday. We also got his boys for the 2nd week of spring break. There was a bit of a conundrum because they can only fly direct from Calgary, no connecting flights. This means from Calgary they only have a few choices. Vancouver or Kelowna. We had to come up with a major juggling act to make it all work. Mike flew from here to Victoria on the Monday. The following Wednesday I drove Mike's big ass truck with my two kids down to Kelowna (I know, I can't believe I did it either). Thursday I took a flight from Kelowna to Victoria. Friday Mike's boys flew in from Calgary and my Dad picked them up. Mike and I had a fabulous weekend sans kids in Victoria. We both flew to Kelowna on Sunday. Perfect timing because it was Easter and my Mom makes the best Turkey supper's ever, so we were very happy that worked out in our favour. We spent a couple of days in Kelowna and then drove back home with all four kids. It was a very stinky ride. too many bodies cooped up in a cab of a truck for 12 hours. Can you feel my pain. So we had a great remainder of the second week with all the kids, skiing and whatnot. The weather was awesome and I still fit into my ski pants, so all was right in world. We were sad to see the boys go, but I was happy I didn't have to go with Mike when he drove them home - 12 hours each way. I had my fill of the open road.

We still haven't sold the house. I am getting sick and fucking tired of cleaning that is for sure. I need me a housekeeper. I have so many other worthwhile things to do with my free time other than clean bathrooms and vacuum floors. Things like have long soaks in the tub, read books, get together with friends for sushi or beers, surf the Internet, watch TV with my kids.... Oh, wait a minute here. I have been doing those things. I guess that I why I'm slightly overwhelmed with keeping the house in order. I'm too busy doing other, more important things. Anyway, I just wish the fucking this would sell already.

So, I'm back and making a pledge to all of you update daily. DAILY my friends. And when I mean daily, that may mean weekly. And if I don't you can kick my ass for sure.