Saturday, April 12, 2008


We were invited over to friend's house last night for a golf tournament. You must be thinking that they have a really big yard. While they do have a fair size lot, it is no where near big enough to golf in. Actually, it was a Wii Golf tournament. Too much fun!

We ended up drawing teams of two and playing best ball and only playing 3 holes each round. Great way to start the golf season. My team didn't win. Actually we didn't even come close to winning, but we drank alot of beer, so that definitely must count for something.

We have had a Wii since last summer and the only thing I have played on it is Guitar Hero (I haven't made it off the easy mode, but I still feel like a rockstar when I play it) and Big Mama's Cookoff (I can crack eggs like nobody's business). I guess it is time to expand my Wii world. Maybe I'll even try bowling or boxing.

Ohh, I hear the kids playing Guitar Hero. Time to kick them off and become the rockstar I was always meant to be!

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