Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Homage to My Homies

Friends are a very important part of my life. I have always placed their value on the highest pedestal. Because I lived in such a small town growing up, I was lucky enough to have the same friends from Kindergarten right through Graduation. I still think of those girls (and a couple of guys) as some of my dearest friends. After all, they are the ones that saw me with braces, an eye patch and a face full of pimples (not necessarily all at the same time thank goodness) and still liked me. They helped develop my self-esteem and my ability to nurture friendships later on in my life. I have an easy relationship with them, it feels so easy to pick right back up where we left off even if it has been over a year or sometimes two since I last talked to them. I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas Cards and pictures of their kids now. I helps me feel connected to them. That is very important to me, I think I would feel that I lost a piece of myself if I lost contact with anyone of them. So, Deanna, Sherrie, Brad, Maureen, Troy, Laura, Leanne, Kendall and Carmen; Here's to you! It's a shame I can't see you guys more often and I'm sorry that I suck at keeping in touch. Just remember that I do think of you even if I don't talk to you near enough. Sometimes 2000km is just too far.

I can't say enough about the friends that I have in my life on a daily basis now either. We are all in our mid-thirties and have a lot in common. We are lucky in that our husbands all get along as well so not only do we have a blast hanging out with just the girls (drunken golf and long boozy sushi lunches) but we have just as much fun doing things as couples (like camping and guitar hero parties and ski cabin fun). Not only are they an endless source of entertainment, I also feel that they have my back and would help me out if I ever needed them. Like, to post bail, or hold my hair back while I hurled. That's the kind of friends I'm talking about. The "there for you" kind. So, here's to Cindy, Jen & Cara. I hope each and every one of you will be in my life for a long, long time. You girls rock.

To Karen and Kerry Anne, you have been a part of my life since I was just 19 years old and seen all the good and bad that goes along with (eventually.. I think) growing up. Regrettably we may not be as close as we once were, but I still hold your friendship close to my heart and know that you would help me out if I was ever in a bind and I would definitely do the same for you. Lifers, that is what you are. (aren't you lucky?)

Okay, enough with the sappiness. You're all probably gagging from all the sucralose being poured out right now. Question is...who's going to hold your hair when you hurl?

I would love to hear about who your dearest friends are and why they mean so much to you. If anyone is interested in leaving a comment on this blog, just press the (0) Comments (well that is what it usually says) and it will direct you to a space where you can leave me a message. Easy peasy.