Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekends Rock

I just had the most excellent weekend. It started on Friday with a round of golf. Mike and I had planned in the morning to go golfing Friday night and were packing up the clubs when my friend J phoned to see if Girlie could babysit. I quickly said yes, because Girlie is always looking to make a buck or two and said I could even drive her in because we were going golfing. She said her and her hubby were going golfing too and that's why they needed Girlie. We quickly came to the conclusion that a foursome was in order! It started out exceedingly well for us girls, who by the way, just spent 20 of the best dollars on golf lessons 2 weeks before. We both made it to the green on the first two holes with one stroke. We were PUMPED. The boys? Not so much. Their first two holes sucked. The game quickly turned around after that, but I'll never get their look of horror out of my head. It makes me happy. They usually kick our asses, in a really bad way.

Saturday was even better, if you can believe it. A bunch of us went quading out on some old logging roads near Topley. Mike couldn't go so I convinced The Boy to come with me. Mike loaded the quad on the truck the night before and gave us a quick lesson before we left that morning. We had to drive about 1.5 hours to get to the unloading spot, me and The Boy had a good time, singing along to the satellite radio and cracking jokes. I love the age my kids are now - too much fun. Another friend of mine, C, was also sans man and brought her son. We we all, "I am woman, hear me roar"! We did really good, but we made one of the more experienced riders (also a girl, I might add) unload our quads from the trucks. We spent about 6 hours driving through mud and puddles and having a jolly old redneck time. I can't wait to do it again. The Boy can't either, and right now, he thinks his Mom is pretty cool, which is a miracle in itself seeing as he is almost 15. We ended up very muddy and sopping wet. I briefly thought about driving home without my wet pants on but thought that would totally wipe out my cool status with The Boy, not to mention scarring him for life. No one needs to see my blindingly white thunder thighs!

Can you believe my weekend gets even better on Sunday? I know, ridiculous, isn't it. I mean one person should not be allowed that much fun. I went golfing AGAIN. Sillyness. We went to the "big" course with J and C and their husbands. The men golfed ahead of us girls followed along behind. It was the most fantastic sunny day and I scored my personal best on that course so far. I got 69 for 9 holes. For the good golfers, don't mock me. You have no idea how far I've come. The girls and I started golfing on the "little" par 3 course about 7 years ago and we would stop counting our score when we got to 10 for each hole. Now we regularly get 4's and 5's on that course with a healthy dose of 3's thrown in. We have come along way. We are still mostly in it for the beer, but the excitement of the really great shots has us hooked into improving our game.

I don't know if I can top that weekend of not. This coming weekend I am going totally out of my comfort zone and driving 6 hours into the middle of nowhere to help Mike set up his camp for his upcoming bear hunt. I'm a little nervous as I am fucking terrified of the brown (or black, for that matter) furry things. After much snivelling and whining Mike said I can sleep in the truck because I know I would be awake and paranoid all night if I had to sleep in the tent. Even the fact that Mike will be packing a gun doesn't really relieve my fears. Baby steps I guess. I plan on taking lots of pictures so make sure you come back and check them out. Also? Knowing me? I will have an adventure or two to share. Can you just picture it now? Me, peeing in the woods and seeing a bear not that far away and trying to run away with my pants around my ankles, or cankles as I fondly refer to them? Should be a great time.