Monday, October 20, 2008

So Where Was I???

I'm happy to see some people still check up on my lazy ass! I'm not making any promises, mind you, but I'm all settled in and relatively back to normal now (ha! I'm normal - now THAT's a good one!). We spent the month of August just moving in. We're still not completely moved. This should go on record as the longest move in the history of, well? moves! Our first night we slept in the new house was the weekend after the august long weekend (I'm totally too lazy to go and find a calendar to get the date for you) and we just moved the living room furniture over on Oct 11th. We don't like to rush into things at our house. Slow and steady wins the race, I always say!

So that is pretty much all I remember about August. Oh! My sister's visit was great and we can't wait for her to come back again. Also! we got two cats. A momma and a baby that we *thought* was a girl. Not so much. So now instead on Mia and Amber we now have a Mia and an Oliver. We love them. Furry little buggers! These are my kid's first pets! Very sad fact considering they are 15 and 13! Like I said. We take things slow around these parts!

September? Well lets just say September sucked ass. So much ass. Although, most of the suck fest also had a positive side as well. Mike left for the bush in early September to start his guiding season. He was gone from home from Sept 2 - Oct 9th. I once again helped expedite for him. Adding another full time job onto the one I already had! I'm much too lazy to have two jobs. It totally stresses me out. The upside was that we hired an awesome lady to help me with the expediting and I found a new friend in the process. You ROCK Lynn!

The next shitty thing that happened in September was that my friend Cindy Myers passed away from inflammatory breast cancer. She was diagnosed in January and passed in September. So very fast. She was a single mom to two beautiful teenagers. She was only 37. You just can't get more unfair than that. Remarkably, there happened to be an upside of this sad event as well. I was able to reconnect the old and dear friends that I hope I can do a better job of staying in touch with than I did before. I'm really bad a that. Actually its all about the lazy!

Then, to top off all the other shitty, my Grandma Ida went and died on us. So unexpected. Yes, she was 87 and yes she had been experience some health issues as of late, but damn! We were totally unprepared for it. Grandma was a remarkable woman who lived life large - went to the gym, had a boyfriend, and enjoyed her wine right up until the day she died. She was in better shape than most of the people I know and she had more energy than this lazy ass could stand. It is a blessing she didn't suffer. She had a massive stroke in her sleep and never woke up again. Really? Can anyone ask for a better exit than that? The upside to this one? I was able to see family and dear friends that I haven't seen in years. Although, I would take my Grandma over my visit any day.

Now October? October is looking to be a smashing success so far! October brought Mike out of the bush and back home with a very successful season behind him. I'm so glad to have him back. He is super ass skinny. I believe he lost close to 35 pounds in eight weeks. He looks like he is twelve. Little pencil necked twerp! Eat a hamburger or ten already! Just kidding honey! I actually love it when you weigh less than me, honest!

The next most awesome event that is taking place in October is that we are taking a trip! Mike's brother-in-law is turning 40 and him and his sister are hosting a fabulous 10 day vacay for all of their immediate relatives! We just had to get ourselves and the four ankle biters there. We were originally supposed to go to Nevis, West Indies and stay at the fantabuous Four Season Resort but that damned Hurricane Omar got a little too close to the island and the resort had to shut down during the time that we were supposed to be there. They recommended the Four Season Resort in Great Exuma (pronouced Zuma) in the Bahamas. So we are going there instead. I love it when plans change at the 11th hour! This is actually a very good thing. I am such a control freak that I had the whole trip planned out in my head - now I don't have time to plan or scheme anything. Well except maybe to explore the caves at 2:00 pm on Monday while I'm wearing my blue jean shorts and my new navy tank top paired with my Teva sandals. You just got a glimpse of the demons in my head, the horror that Mike has to live with. And yet? Miraculously? He loves me anyway!

Hopefully, I will have a billion pictures to bore you to tears, uh, I mean share with you.

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