Thursday, August 07, 2008

On The Road Again, Just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again....

Has anyone seen July? I think I misplaced it. Actually, I know where it went - in a freaking blur out the passenger window of our truck. The month of July saw us in our truck for a mere 80 hours. 80! Hours! Voluntarily I might add.

At the beginning of the month Mike and I drove to Calgary to pick up his boys and stopped over in Kelowna to enjoy some sunshine (cause the sun don't shine in Smithers in July - THAT"S for sure!). We headed home after the July Stat - can't say it was a long weekend because it fell on a Tuesday, so lame. Next year will be even worse. A Wednesday Stat - how charming! For the rest of the three weeks that we were in Smithers we stayed fairly busy. We camped with Mike's sister and her family at Moosehorn Lodge. A beautiful place on Uncha Lake. We had fun, but of course it rained. We hung out at our new digs ALOT. The boys road the 4 wheeler around, and around and a-fucking-round the property till I thought I'd go bloody mad. When they weren't being holy hell raisers on four wheels they spent their time shooting anything that moved with the BB/Pellet guns. A little redneck, you say? Hell ya! Girlie on the other hand, stayed in the barn and petted the barn cat named Tyler. Tyler! for God's sake! Who names their cat Tyler?? I'm planning on renaming it Bruce. Much classier - don't you think?

We then headed back to Kelowna (you'd think we live there or something!). We were able to spend some time with my sister AND my Mom and Dad. While we were all there, Mom, my sis and I all got matching tattoos. We got the tattoos to honour our little sister/daughter Darcie Kim who passed away 20 years ago this December. We had planned on getting a snowflake because not only was she born in December but she also passed away in December. However, once we had our consultation with the tattoo artiste my Mom put the kibosh on the snowflake. He would only go as small as a twoonie and she was having none of that! We decided to get her initials tattooed on our feet, near the top of our toes. I love it and even without the tattoo to remind me, I still think of Darcie every single day. She would have approved of our homage, I'm sure.

We then packed up our four stinky teenagers (why must they be reminded about deodorant? WHY? and usually we only notice once it is too late and we are stuck in the truck for a cursed six more hours!) and headed to Vancouver. We were blessed to have been able to witness the Symphony of Fire (I know it's not called that anymore, but fuck if I can remember what it is. I'm a gettin old). 25 minutes of fanatic fireworks. Sooooo cooooool. We did the Aquarium, Science World (we all LOVED that!) and hung out at Granville Island alot. I love that place. We picked up 8 crabs at the Lobster Market and brought them back to Kelowna to share with my parents. We all were in heaven. Tasty, tasty.

The next day we headed to Calgary to drop off Mike's rugrats and take in Calaway Park. We left the park early because it started hailing and besides, it was my birthday that day and Calaway Park just wasn't doing it for me. After we dropped the boys off with their Mom we went shopping and then decided to go and grab a bite at Moxie's. While we were there, we looked up and who should stroll by our table? That would be Mike's son's! They had decided to go to the exact same restaurant at the exact same time. Freaky. Just can't shake the little buggers! Joking, of course. We went out to the show that night and saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It was in 3D and we had so much fun. Much laughter when we donned the glasses and even more guffaws when I was the only one to scream when the yo-yo flew straight into my face. Good Times.

We headed back to Kelowna and bought some shit. A dining room table and china cabinet and a bedroom suite for the new digs. We blew the wad! They will look smashing I'm sure. If we ever get them, that is. Still waiting...

We came home and painted and painted and painted some more. I decided that was enough and went back to work early. My sister comes for a visit this weekend. I can't wait. Not sure where we are going to be sleeping but either way, I'm sure we will have a blast. They are heading to Stewart/Hyder for a couple of days to see the glaciers (awe inspiring I assure you - and only 4 hours away, hint, hint for all my prairie friends!) and the Grizzly bears. They have a special grizzly bear viewing platform and this is the perfect time of year to watch them fish for salmon in the river - albeit a little closer to humans than I am totally comfortable with, but they are well distracted with the salmon.

Happy summer everyone!

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