Sunday, June 15, 2008


I survived my trek into the wilds of Northern BC with nary a scratch on me. Mike and I drove, and drove and drove some more. 6 hours to be exact. At one point he stopped the truck and it still felt like we were moving. A very strange sensation, I can assure you. Thank God for Gravol is all I'm saying. We saw lots and lots of black bears but no grizzly bears.

We set up camp in record time, had some smokies for dinner, took a quad ride around to check things out and then sat around looking at each other. Mike's not much of a talker. Good times. So I up and offed myself to bed by 9:00 pm. If you know about the north, you know that it really doesn't get dark at night at this time of year. Though sadly, it doesn't stay warm at night. I gave up the warm toasty, minus -10 degree Celsius sleeping bag to Mike because he was sleeping in the tent and I thought it would be warmer in the truck. Yeah, I miscalculated a tad on that one. Thankfully the Gravol I took earlier helped me to fall asleep fairly fast. However, I woke up two hours in feeling a tad chilly. I found my hoodie and pulled it on. Two and a half hours in I added one more pair of socks. Three hours in I could no longer feel my toes. Three and a half hours in I thought that I had to pee, but fuck if I was going to go outside and freeze my ass off even more. It was a miserable, miserable night. Mike woke up in the morning and came out of the tent and looked at the truck. It was white with frost - enough said. He started the truck and turned the heat on full blast. I took a while but I eventually defrosted and even started to feel my toes again. I slept a good portion of the way home. I was a little weary. So not quite the exciting adventure I had envisioned.

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